Hannes Eberlein

Managing Partner

What did you discover for yourself recently?

That the “Eat That Frog” method works quite well. I try to do the “most unpleasant” tasks of the day first and then I somehow feel more liberated and focused. Life hack: Anyone who is still busy with the “stupid” tasks at the end of the day should think about adding the topic of “job change” to their frog list.

What did your life look like before hej.build?

Similarly entrepreneurial and remote: Before hej.build, I set up a design & code agency and worked as a student as a “side job”. Are 24 semesters of university actually long?

How do you keep yourself up to date?

I regularly listen to podcasts such as “The State of the Nation” or “FOMO” and — very importantly — I also regularly read the headlines on SPON. I'm also a YouTube junkie and watch countless videos and tutorials.

Who would you like to swap with for a day?

With Bradley Cooper from the movie “Without Limit.” Somehow I imagine it productive to be able to access the full capacity of his brain.

What is your favorite building and why?

There isn't one favorite building that inspires me. Instead, I find it interesting how buildings shape a city and how that influences the people who live there. One example of this is Copenhagen, where aesthetic construction is used not only in company headquarters but also in normal living spaces. One of my absolute favorite cities.