Five minutes to twelve: We rely on words and back them up with actions.

"Sustainability is anchored as a key component of our corporate strategy." This phrase is often encountered when companies articulate their stance on sustainability.

But let's be entirely honest, shall we? Sustainability was not the motivation behind our founding. Yet, we still operate with the environment in mind. For us, it was never a question of engaging in practices that could harm it.

What exactly does this mean? To give just three examples: We work remotely, almost all our travel is by train, and we print nothing. And what may seem small amounts to a great deal because we use our sustainable ethos and our strategic influence with our clients - the building product manufacturers - to consistently bring sustainability efforts into focus and raise awareness for the important issues of our time.

Our greatest leverage is in embedding this theme as an integral part of all our consulting projects and training sessions. We provide help and advice where the big wheels turn and where seemingly dirty products are made. We can do this best when we, as a team and company, continuously strive to reduce the negative impacts of our actions. That is precisely our declared goal. With every decision, we make for ourselves and our clients.

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We for ourselves

Transparent and open communication of the status quo; that's what we recommend to our customers when it comes to how they can bring their sustainability efforts into visibility. So let's get started. And then it's your turn.

E for Environmental

We work remotely, save energy, and advocate for bike commutes to ensure a work-life balance and lower CO2 emissions.

Instead of company cars, we use train services – good for the climate, sometimes even for the wallet.

We largely abstain from using paper, work digitally, and thus actively conserve resources and forests.

Meetings, presentations & co. are digital. For genuine laughter and essential travel, we are happy to meet in person from time to time.

We work with modern, energy-efficient technology. Because we do not reject technology, but wastefulness.

S for Social

For the onboarding of new team members, we meet for several days in person. This helps us create closeness right from the start.

We meet for cooking at least once a year with the whole team – shared time strengthens our cohesion.

The goals, which we define and redefine participatively, provide us with a sustainable framework.

We work equitably and changeably. With us, people count, not gender, origin, or background.

We rely on swarm intelligence and use our network structure to consult and take action in the best possible way.

G for Governance

Our commitments lie with the GLS Bank, supporting sustainable, ethical projects and enterprises.

Our goal is sustainable growth instead of quick profits for pure profit.

To do justice to our strategic work in sustainability and to use the network to share and expand our knowledge.

This is how we work: step by step, independent, and evolving from a startup into a self-financed GmbH - free from investors.

We set clear and ethical guidelines for trust and sustainable relationships.

We for our customers

Although the trend reversal is already noticeable, we are constantly trying to push ahead: Sustainability, circular economy and value creation are central issues in every (customer) project.

Participants in the Sustainability Masterclass at HPP Architekten

Since 2023, participants in our master class have been learning all the important basics of sustainable construction. Or more specifically: Everything they need to know in marketing & sales. And this first-hand with and with HPP architects and a specialized team of trainers. In focus? Reflect, exchange ideas and return to everyday life with fresh motivation in order to transform as much of what you have learned as possible directly into action.

What else should architects know and be able to do today? Wienerberger's Instagram channel “klimaform” provides a small working aid, at least when it comes to sustainability. When consumed regularly, the posts replace hours of textbook reading and summarize the most important innovations and trends in sustainable construction and architecture.

In addition to the digital presence, the first touchpoint in architectural firms is and remains sales. So what do sales people absolutely need to know when it comes to sustainability and what should they be prepared for? In our customer-specific sustainability training, we compile an annual plan for Wienerberger's sales and take care of a successful project from enquiry to implementation.

Our (short, medium and) long-term vision

We can say with confidence: What we're doing is pretty good. But, as always, that is not enough for us. We want to make a real difference and are always looking for the right lever for us. That is why this is not a final statement, but a continuous process. But in order to comply with our own recommendation, let's make it as specific as possible:

  • We would like to prepare our own sustainability report in order to have gone through all the ups and downs of reporting.
  • We want to create our own carbon footprint to make our footprint measurable.
  • We want to enter into further collaborations and partnerships in order to get to know as many stakeholders and projects as possible.
  • In 3 years, we would like to be able to say that all our projects are sustainable, even if that makes them more expensive.
  • And above all, we want to take you along on our journey to inspire you in one way or another.

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