We from hej.build carry black, until there's something darker.

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We have the best team — because we don't need a headquarters.

Many people say that, but we have a decisive advantage: Our way of working is not random, but deliberately remote. Whether it's Mülheim an der Ruhr, Hamburg Altona or Frankfurt am Main, it doesn't matter to us, because we compose our team based on competence and not on where they live. So we don't need an office — at least not a shared office.

We capitalize New Work figuratively. We don't think in terms of rigid tasks, but in roles and flexible areas of responsibility that take individual strengths as well as life circumstances into account.

One of the most common questions we get: Isn't this remote work fairly anonymous? Quite the opposite. We communicate more intensively and effectively than most people who sit next to each other on the same floor in the office every day. It brings together what belongs together and the anticipation of the next workout is the greatest joy.


Heads & Voices

But please with attitude. Because that is the only thing that makes us as visionary as progressive. Although sometimes controversial, we always work for something special and never against each other. Close collaborations and a diverse network are an important part of our strategy, because we know what we can and cannot do. In short: We are hej. and we don't like empty phrases, but distinctive people.

Clients & Friends


We insist on positive change.

Standstill? It's not really our thing. Tomorrow should be better than today and that applies both to the construction industry and to digitization, climate crisis, etc. Developing a deep understanding of socially relevant issues and trends is our collective's WD40 and introducing positive changes quickly and precisely.

We question, we criticize, we stand for progressive opinion and always back our customers when we are convinced of products, entrepreneurial decisions and a desire to innovate. Because we only work for them. Do we always know what to expect at the end of a project? Definitely not. But through our interdisciplinary orientation paired with concentrated target group expertise, it always has its finger on the pulse of time.

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Current Vacancies at hej.build

We insist on positive change and are looking for talent to support us in doing so. Work with us! Are you interested in becoming a part of hej.build but haven't found a suitable job offer? No problem We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications to jobs@hej.build.